1. Operation: Golf Quebec II

    Event registration begins here! Golf Quebec II is the sequel to the hugely successful photo shoot held by Palouse Airsoft in November of 2014. This time, you’re getting your face in a magazine. Not just any old M4 mag (terrible pun, we know), but a glossy newsstand quality magazine. Magazines […]

  2. MilSim City Review: An Excellent Beginning

    As an airsoft event host, I can appreciate the struggles and challenges of creating a well run airsoft event. The time it takes to find a field, setting up a series of evolutions that flow with some continuity, insuring that all participants act in a safe, sane, and courteous manner, […]

  3. Four Factions

    Four Factions

    What’s better than celebrating March Madness? FOUR FACTIONS! It’s a slug fest of collegiate proportions! Get ready to duke it out and find out who is the best in the Inland Northwest! Sign up on the event page, here! If you haven’t already joined our Facebook group, join up! Like […]