February 28, 2012 6:50 PM

Operation: Pluto Is Alive!

That is right folks! The airsoft season is back in full session! On April 21st, Palouse Airsoft is proud to announce

Operation: Pluto

The United States faces most trying times. War itches to claw it’s nails across the nuclear world as it’s residents wait impatiently for Armageddon.  Two factions dominate the stalemate:

The United States of America, who preaches unlimited gains and the freedom to choose.
The Soviet Union, who evangelizes the commonwealth and public unity.

The Cold War has stretched long aching decades and has now reached a near boiling point.  John F. Kennedy, a new, young, and unproven leader of the United States, has boldly chosen the path of first strike against a small next door neighbor…


Operation: Pluto was formulated within three months time since Kennedy took office. Mission Coordinates… Bay of Pigs… Target…?

Fidel Castro

Click here For Your Mission Briefing:

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