April 3, 2013 4:37 PM

Operation: Blue Devil, A joint Palouse Airsoft and Eastern Washington Airsoft Operation! | April 27, 2013

Location: 47.615088, -117.435479

Afghan rebel forces have gained control of critical stronghold points in the Killalabad foothills, and are continuing to strike at the German and British forces staging in the area. With their guerrilla tactics proving to be difficult for the British SAS to pinpoint and the KSK having a difficult time discerning villagers from enemy combatants, the UN has detached a force from the US special forces battalion to provide force movement on the stronghold.

Currently, Afghan rebel forces control critical supply routes into and out of UN staging areas. U.S. intelligence has recently acquired reliable evidence that the stronghold is the center of deployment for the Afghan fighters, and that the possibility of a WMD in the immediate vicinity is strong. U.S. Special Forces Battalion has been tasked with jumping in behind enemy lines, securing the stronghold and neutralizing any WMD threat present. Enemy resistance will be heavy.


There are no signup requirements for this event, although a yes or no would be nice. We would like to have the best turnout possible from PA on this guys, carpool or do whatever you can. This is going to be a great event!

No uniform requirements, we will be using arm tape to show team affiliation. DEAD RAGS ARE REQUIRED! This is NOT a milsim event, but there will be milsimmers there. If you prefer to play in this fashion, that is fine, but please remember there are those that don’t. We will be playing by EWA rules for their field which are a bit different. Please head to their site, www.ewairsoft.com and check out their stuff. These are a great group of guys and we want to show them the best of PA! Just to be safe, please, have your PA waivers signed and ready to submit as well as EWA waivers. Both waivers are a MUST to be able to play this game. Follow all rules of eyepro. EWA rules for eyepro are the same as ours, anyone under 18 is required to wear full face protection. Their rules are stated in their forum, so go ahead over there and sign up. It will be your responsibility to know those rules and follow them. There will be admins on the field, so lets keep it safe. Directions to the site will be posted shortly.

There will be a carpool leaving Sunnyside Park at no later than 0600hrs. We will be onsite between 0730 and 0800hrs, stage, chrono anyone that needs to be chrono’d and then safety brief.



More Info and comments: http://forum.palouseairsoft.com/showthread.php?t=252&p=1368

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