General Rules

  • All players must have completed and signed the field waiver. Players under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  • All eye protection must be rated under ANSI Z87.1 2003 or ANSI Z87+.
    • Proper eye protection is required for all Palouse Airsoft events. Full face masks are recommended for players under the age of 18. Ballistic goggles or airsoft goggles are approved. Adult players may use safety glasses.
  • Real guns, knives, tazers, paintball guns, fireworks, and other non-airsoft weapons or devices are not permitted during airsoft game play. Fireworks and other props that are officially commissioned and sanctioned by the Palouse Airsoft Head Administration Team and the Palouse Airsoft Props Committee are exempt.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. You will be asked to leave if suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Palouse Airsoft operates in a green manner. Please do not litter and help us keep the property clean.
  • Cheating will be dealt with in a fair but harsh manner. Players caught not calling their hit after being shot will be removed from the game.
  • Violation of any Palouse Airsoft rule may result in the player being removed from the game. Players that repeatedly violate the game rules will be asked to leave the game.


General Game Safety and Play Rules

  • The Palouse Airsoft Admin reserves the right to remove any player they deem unsafe, unworthy, unfit, or unsportsmanlike for any reason. If you don’t like this rule, then perhaps you should consider playing elsewhere. 
  • Eye Protection is NOT to be removed during game play. DO NOT remove your mask or eye protection for any reason during game play. If there is a malfunction in your eye protection call “blind man” and remove yourself from play, readjust your eye protection, then re-engage.
  • We enforce minimum engagement distances. Opposing players cannot be engaged within the minimum engagement distance of 20 feet for AEGs and 50 feet for sniper rifles. Courtesy kill rules are recognized. You must be perfectly capable of eliminating the player; muzzle trained on target, within 20 feet, no obstructions to prevent the clear shot. You are to call out “Bang Bang”. If your target does not recognize your courtesy kill, you are allowed to fire, on semi-automatic, one shot. If you cannot complete the courtesy kill, the kill is not recognized.
    • NOTE: It is highly unsportsmanlike NOT to accept a courtesy kill.
  • Blind fire is strictly forbidden. Blind firing is when you do not have full control of your gun. Palouse Airsoft admins will warn you once for blind firing, and remove you from the game for further violations.
  • Dead Rags are HIGHLY recommended. Typically colored red, yellow, or orange, these small pieces of fabric can help alert others to your current game play status, and may protect you from being overshot.


Hit Players

  • Once you are eliminated through a hit you immediately yell HIT!
  • If you choose to use a deadrag, present it clearly and visibly, then place it on your head.
  • Hit players exiting the gaming field must return to the designated dead box at the staging for reinsertion. Hit players exiting the field must wear their kill rag and are considered dead players.
  • Dead players cannot communiate to any players after they have been HIT.


Weapon Regulations

  • Weapons Classifications are as follows:
    Yellow Tag (Minimum Engagement Distance 20 Feet): Any weapon firing between 350 and 399 FPS.
    Green Tag (No Minimum Engagement Distance): Any weapon firing 349 FPS and lower.
    Red Tag (Minimum Engagement Distance 50 Feet): Any weapon firing between 400 and 500 FPS.
  • All airsoft weapons are to be subject to a Chronograph Test before use on field. Any weapon that does not pass chronograph testing will not be permitted for in game use.


Game Registration

  • A list of items you need:
    • Waiver Form. If you are new to the Palouse Airsoft group, you will need to fill out our waiver form. Waivers filled out in the year you played are good for all games for that year, i.e. a 2015 waiver is good for 2015 games.
    • Eye Protection. We would like to clearly see the appropriate ballistics rating printed on the eye protection. Any eye protection we feel does not meet the standard will be rejected.
    • An Empty Magazine. This empty magazine will be filled by a Palouse Airsoft Administrator and used to chronograph your gun. We will only use 0.2 gram BB’s to chronograph your weapon, and we will not take you at your word that there are .2 grams in your mag.
  • DO NOT DISCHARGE YOUR REPLICA UNTIL WEAPONS FREE IS CALLED. If you must ‘test fire’ your replica, you are to put your eye protection on, step onto the field of play, and discharge. Before returning to the safe zone, you are to remove the magazine, clear your barrel, and place the weapon on safe.
  • Registration consists of two parts: Registration and the Chronograph (Chrono) Test. You are to present your field fee (if applicable), a properly filled out waiver, your eye protection, and THEN your replica. After completing the eyepro check, then you will be permitted to pass to the Chrono test. The admin will load your empty magazine with .20 gram BBs, fire your replica across the chrono, and tag the barrel appropriately. The admin will then remove the magazine, clear the weapon, place on safe, and return the replica to you.