Palouse Airsoft 2015 Patch


3D rubberized Palouse Airsoft morale patch. Features hook and loop backing for mounting on your gear!

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Product Description


When you get those kills in airsoft, and people ask you, “Who are you? Where are you from?”

No, you don’t. You can’t answer either question. Not without this patch!

This patch with solve that problem. No longer will people think of you as “That guy”, or “That awesome dude who got that awesome kill on me” or “The ninja who spoke no words but used his charms and skills to make a fool of me and steal my girlfriend”, but as “That Palouse Airsofter”. And that’s way cooler. Why? Because Palouse Airsoft is cool. How do we know? Because we’re always right (see rule no. 1 of Palouse Airsoft).

Product Description
Multi-colored rubber awesomeness backed by futuristic space hooks, all bundled together in a classic plastic baggie. Just for you.

Quantities are limited! Order now. Ships in 1-3 business days. Pick up available at Palouse Airsoft events!

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